10 things you didn’t know about Introverts

Introversion can be seen like a “label” that may not be important even if you’re one until you find yourself in awkward situations again and again that you start asking yourself why you’re different.

The downside of being an introvert  Introverts can sometimes be seen as shy or aloof.

My teachers used to write on my results as a kid:

“Good result – but he’s very quiet.”

When in reality – i just beat the class as at then.

In fact, some of the most successful and well-known people in the world are introverts.  Famous introverts throughout history: from Mahatma Gandhi to Rosa Parks.

Many people don’t realize they’re introverts because they don’t fit the stereotype.

From experience, Introversion can be seen by others in the workplace as a form of weakness and something to be changed but the fact is it can also be used as an advantage.

When I read the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain a whole lot changed my life.

10 things you didn’t know about Introverts

1: They care about people

The fact that most introverts are reserved does not mean they hate people.

The opposite is true, when you get closer to introverts you find they actually care about people but more often people they’re closer to.

Most Introverts are not anti-social (but can be), they just prefer small groups or one-on-one interactions.

If you’ve been close to an introvert before – you find how easy it is they willingly listen to other peoples problems rather than share theirs.

Introverts are great listeners and often have active imaginations.

Caring for people is part of an introverts nature.

2: They prioritize alone “recharge Times”

There’s something called “recharge” which every human needs – which is how we humans regain focus and energy.

The true definition of an introvert: somebody who recharges by spending time alone.

But we all see this moments in different ways and introverts prioritize being alone in their moments of recharge.

Its different from sleep or rest. They like to be Alone and often enjoy their own company more than others.

They often enjoy quiet activities like reading, hiking, or biking.

Introverts prefer hobbies which they can do alone than going out most times because they use these moments to recharge also and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

3: They crave for deep connection with someone special

No matter how much Introverts want to be alone – within each introvert is a deep need to feel understood and heard by one or two special people they feel is most important to them.

When they want to – Introverts are actually very outgoing and sociable people.

4: They’re Smart and Creative

Generally speaking – the less you talk, the smarter you become and are perceived by the world.

By their nature of keen observation and interest compared to the rest – when they take this to advantage or you find doing their best most people are surprised that introverts can be smart.

The Introverts are often more creative and thoughtful than extroverts. They are usually very creative and have many hobbies and interests.

I agree most people know quiet people are creative. But they can also be smart.

5: They prefer to think than talk

This is one of the key difference between introverts and extroverts and how you can spot an introvert:

Hardly, would you find an introvert talking much in public compared to extroverts.

They like to observe before jumping into a situation.

I had a girl that would always say “I feel like I’m talking to myself” when she was talking to me – all because i mostly nodded my head when she was talking.

She talked much (which i liked to be honest) on all her worries which I never saw as a problem and wanted to learn the full story that all i could do was nod.

It’s a wonder when introverts find people who think out loud as against pondering deep on their own – which you find in some extroverts.

But watch out for the next point.

6: They become talkative with people they’re comfortable with

This is one unimaginable and sometimes unbelievable fact you find in Introverts.

When they become comfortable and are interested in talking to you – they go ALL in.

They tend to be very loyal friends and family members. The same person that could hardly say their name out loud in public could be the most noisy and talkative person in the room when they’re used to you discussing their “weird” interests.

Personally, I’m self-aware and feel the need to curtail this because I’m more interested in personal growth than personality differences – I try to control this and play the same person outside and inside.

7: They hate embarrassment

This used to be one of my biggest weakness growing up. I was so afraid of making mistakes or being called out by anyone.

I hated my environment (family background and circumstances) as I wanted to appear “perfect” and have zero problems outside.

Then I started learning the importance of stepping outside my comfort zone and why you don’t have to appear perfect to move forward in life.

In real life, people are more likely to connect and relate to your flaws than your power.

Having a Growth mindset >>>>> perfection

8: They can be good at their jobs

A lot of people don’t believe people can be good or excel at their profession without having to be a talking type or what they consider “bold” on the outside.

Introverts in the workplace can be the most productive employees. Fact is, like Brian Tracy would say – most skills in life are learnable.

I couldn’t maintain an eye contact as a kid – today i do it without thinking.

There are introverts who don’t talk much outside but are beasts on stage or during presentations at work.

If you have a problem with an introvert on a particular way they do things, skills wise at work – let them know. Why because introverts can easily make up their and learn any skill if they want to.

Its not about being outgoing, its about understanding your strengths and weaknesses

9: They hate small talk

When I was younger – I used to be extremely direct and blunt. There was no way I was laughing at a “dry joke” or listening to who I thought was wasting my time.

But with time – I started learning about emotional intelligence – not everything requires a direct approach and the importance of listening.

I could hardly listen to shit i wasn’t interested in without letting the other party know right away but today I am working on my listening skills everyday.

You could aim to listen emphatically just so you put yourself in the other person’s shoes without necessarily agreeing with them.

10: They’re DECISIVE and have a strong heart

I’m always in awe when I see people ask plenty questions before making a single decision.

One thing I know about Introverts is that they’re fast in making decisions largely because they’ve practiced going with their guts and following it most of the time and they re usually alone making decisions (yes, few friends).

This is why they’ can be strongly attached to their decisions and make up their minds pretty fast compared to others.

I see this as a strength – the smartest people make a lot of quick decisions and are right most of the time.

Spoiler alert: if you want to get more decisive in life – get closer to an introvert.


Here’s an open letter to all introverts from a friend and fellow Introvert:

You’re far from being dumb or weird. It’s okay to be silent and stay in your own space.

You’re special, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.
Know that being introverted or shy is normal.

You’re not too quiet, maybe people are too loud.
You don’t need to be cured, you need to be left alone.

It’s okay to choose peace of mind over anything.

You may think of an introvert as being “small, dumb or weird” but i promise you there’s a big universe inside their mind

Socializing is good but it’s not a MUST!!

Don’t ever change yourself to impress anyone. Be confident of who you are.


You’re worthy & you deserve the best things and the best people.

Finally know you’re self worth, you’re smart, amazing and you can be a good leader.

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  1. I feel like I’m somewhere between introvert and extrovert. I hate small talk but I’m quite talkative, still I got moments when I need some silence.

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