9 Ways to Help Others and Help Yourself

What can you do right away to help somebody and helping yourself?

I remember reminding a business friend of mine – “if your goal of having employees is finding people to use – you’re going to lose.”

People are smart. They need jobs to feed their families yet want to feel relevant to their workplace and world at large.

When you help others you help yourself

There’s a place and benefit in focusing on yourself but ultimately if you’re not looking to helping others you hold yourself behind.

Funny enough, people can feel when you do things for only yourself. The energy is repelling to most people who are focused on the greater good.

The reward of helping yourself when you help others is part of the ripple effect and comes with benefit which may not be obvious right away.

This is why people who are focused on “what’s in for them” get tired and frustrated when they don’t see the results immediately.

If this were a course in school – its better as a practical course not theory.

9 Ways to Help Others and Help Yourself

1: You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself

Fill your own cup first.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you are trying to help others, it is important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well.

If you do not have anything left to give, it will be difficult to help others.

2: It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you are doing

If you think helping others is a passive and unimportant activity you only do after helping yourself.

When you put others interest at heart, then you never allow selfishness take the lead while you do things.

Your earnings will be a by product of the good work you do. While we all can never show as much unconditional to other people randomly– but we can all prioritize helping other people get closer to their goals.

3: Become the best of yourself

Why do artists and creators have raving fans?

They pour their selves into their work which feels like a part of them even to their fans.

Steve Jobs was a perfect example of pulling people into your vision with all the apple products.

You can help others by just radiating the best version of yourself through the quality of what you do and say.

4: Give more than you receive

Giving is another mindset people who want to help others have.

When we give more value we attract value which is win-win for both parties.

Have a mindset that you don’t own everything. Then you will never lose anything.

When you focus on giving, you attract more good things into your life.

5: Be Present

Your full presence and undivided attention may seem common to you …but can be worth someone finding hope in life again.

Think of a child who hates school because of being abused but continues to suffer without telling no one because he feels his parents or friends wont pay him or her attention.

Sometimes the best way to help somebody is just by being there for them.

Sometimes people need somebody to just listen to them and be a shoulder to cry on.

6: Find somebody in need

Most times we pretend the world revolves around ourselves, careers and our families.

The most rewarding way to help others and ultimately help yourself is to help someone you know is not able to fully repay you.

A little goes a long way:

  • The man on the street
  • People in prison
  • Chronic patients in hospitals

7: Be kind

Helping others is part of spreading love and kindness.

It doesn’t matter your cause or vision – if you’re not kind then you’re putting people last.

Everyone needs kindness, and the more you can do to give others a brighter future, and even just a smile or good feeling, the more it will come back to you.

If you spend your time helping others and alleviating suffering whenever possible then there is no need to prove how good of a person you are.

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference. A kind word or a simple act of kindness can brighten somebody’s day and make a big impact.

8: Choose Impact

There are a few people on this planet who truly enjoy their work, they are driven by a larger-than-life MISSION.

For these crazy people, impact is just as crucial as money, if not more so.

They really take joy in assisting others—not because they are unselfish, but because it makes them feel good to see someone else make progress.

9: Give them a hand up, not a hand out

It is important to help people in a way that empowers them and gives them the tools they need to help themselves. Giving them a handout may provide temporary relief, but it will not help them in the long run.

Is helping others a passion?

Helping others is one of the biggest addictions of successful people.

Behind their obsession with building things and creating solutions for themselves and the world is this desire to make life easier for one more person.


When you help others, they are more likely to help others as well, creating a ripple effect of positivity.


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  1. Kindness is a virtue every human must possess. I mean, it doesn’t cost a thing to be kind. Thank you for these tips. I’m also learning to be present for my family and friends. Supporting them when they need help and being with them in time of happiness and sorrow.

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