Can money buy love? true love is PRICELESS

Can money buy love in this 21st century?

While conversing with a friend the other day, I asked him how he got married or met his wife.

I noticed how his face changed immediately to a more relaxed mode and his voice became softer.

“I wasn’t really prepared for marriage but she showed me so much love”

He’s been married since 2011.

Does money buy love

Can money buy a mother’s love?

Another place i see bigger love is the love between parents and their children.

I used to be the stubborn type as a kid especially to my parents. What amazed me the most with them was how receptive they were after correcting me anytime I did wrong.

Such is unconditional love most people have with their parents. (Apologies to anyone that comes from a toxic home).

The point is true love is something that’s PRICELESS.

You can buy gifts, travel to exotic places, order for cheap sex (from sex traders) but it can’t still be compared to when you find true love.

This is an examination of the ways in which people try to purchase love, and whether or not it is possible to do so.

1: People have different love Languages

Not everyone is concerned with gifts or how much you’re willing to spend on them.

Think of one whose love language is say “words of affirmation” or “physical touch.”

While someone’s whose love language is “gifts” will always be blown away and love you more when you put in the effort to buy them gifts they love or any expensive stuff.

2: Love or Money? What’s more important?

Sometimes love has nothing to do with money, it’s about finding the right person.

I think the real question here is “Can money buy you any joy, love, and security?”

But most times like Steve Covey emphasized in “7 Habits of Highly effective people” – love is a verb and something we choose to do daily.

Its worth more than how much you have in you pocket. If you’re feeling unloved go spend time with someone you love or doing something you love.

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3: Money can contribute to Love and Happiness

Maybe money can’t buy love but it can rent it.

Money is best seen as a tool but not the end point to both love and happiness.

While money may not be able to buy love, without it, other important aspects of a relationship such as trust and communication will begin to crumble.

An average person’s needs enough money to feel secure from any abrupt, unforeseen calamities that may befall him or her.

Higher sums of money are less essential to happiness than close relationships and experiencing love, value, and care from others.

If your dream is to be able to pay for your own house or car in cash – money is only a tool that can solve such problems.

But what’s matters is when you have the support and understanding of your family and loved ones.

While money may make life easier, it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

4: Dependence on money or any external resource is recipe to unhappiness

Have you ever tried to use money to buy someone’s affection?

Or resented when someone does so?

Love is a feeling that should be shared freely, and not purchased.

You find that only by loving the other without insecurity or possessiveness then you could taste the real infinite sweetness of life.

I find it applies with what we do for a living – working hard for something we do not care about is called stress.

Working hard for something we love is called passion.

5: Money can change your taste of love

Money has certainly changed our taste and given us more options.

So many people today are delaying and thinking through long term commitments like marriage and having kids.

Of course, influence from the Western culture and living in the first world.

Money can buy love

In some relationships, money might not be able to buy love, but it can provide stability and security which are important foundations for a strong relationship.

With better health options and life expectancy we’re exposed to – life is increased proportionally as you increase your health, wealth and time value.

If you’re healthy, you’ll be sharper mentally, physically and able to make more money. If you make more money, you’re able to buy your freedom. Which means you’ve got more time to spend with people you love.

Money can’t buy happiness but love can’t buy ferrari either.

6: Love is Priceless

If money buys love, how much money can we use to buy true love

You can’t put a price on love, because it’s the most important thing in life.

With the rise of increased ease of people sexually satisfying themselves through porn, sex toys etc and yet desperately searching to feel loved you find that material objects will never replace emotional intimacy.

7: Love Costs Nothing

Finally, lets remember that giving love is amongst the least expensive but most valuable thing you can offer someone.

True love doesn’t require material things, just companionship and understanding.


You deserve all the love and happiness you can imagine. The love that makes you feel appreciated and valued.

No one should use money to buy love then get shocked when they realise that they are only loved for their money.

Money can purchase time to work on things like talent, love, and happiness, but it cannot buy these things. You become more aware as you get older that all you really need is stability in your relationships, tranquility, and love.

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