You’re one right decision away from changing your life

One of the most powerful things I have learned in business and life in general is to make powerful decisions. What really small decision you consider snowballed to change your life?

Making a decision to change your life

The decisions you’ve made in the past have led to the life you’re living in the present. ⁣⁣To change where you want to be in the future, start changing the way you make decisions today. ⁣

It takes one decision to change your life.

We make a lot of decisions everyday most times unconsciously as a result of our past victories and failures, upbringing and aspirations.

Making decisions might seem like a really quick thing, and not something to really dive deep on, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your personal growth.

ONE decision can make impact in your life right now and then put you in the right trajectory for success and growth.

What are some decisions you can make right now to change your life?

1: The Power of a Single choice:

Every decision you make has an impact on your life, whether immediate or down the road. Making small, right decisions leads to a life full of good choices that compound over time.

How choices can change your life

Every moment provides an opportunity to make a new choice that can lead to a new, improved life.

You’re never stuck in a situation or circumstance unless you believe you are.

2: Prioritizing your health

I could binge on soda, fries and sugar when I didn’t know much about healthy living.

This is what is known as the Standard American Diet. Today with a single decision to improve my health, I’m more conscious of what I put in my body.

No one is immune completely from getting sick – but when it happens – the people who have more control of their lives and medical decisions are those who take personal responsibility for how and what they do with their body.

Think of the last Covid episode – according to studies, “obesity, diabetes and hypertension increases the risk of COVID-19-related mortality in young and middle-aged patients to the level of risk observed in advanced age.”

3: Associating with the right people

It took me a long time to realize the power association plays in life growth.

When I was in college, I had two friends that pushed me forward – each moment I spent time with them accelerated my growth and personal development by 10x.

Most other times, I was tempted to just go with the flow. Associating with people that had entirely different goals from where I was going only deterred my progress.

Joining NotePD has been one hell of a decision that has changed my life forever.

4: Starting a side hustle

You can tell the difference between how people think just by who has a side hustle or not.

This simple decision changes the way you think from an “employee only” mentality to both “intre-preneur” and entrepreneur.

The former is a term used when you still work for others but think like an entrepreneur.

And if you want to value your time as much as you earn, here’s an advise from a mentor in the entrepreneurship space, Scott Oldford:

“If you’re going to build a business, build the business around your life. Not the other way around. ⁣⁣Because what’s the point of hitting new revenue targets, when we’re not consistently creating a surplus of time, energy and money along the way? ⁣⁣All begins with how we make decisions with our time.”

5: What not to do

Most of us know what we want to do and make daily effort to do them. But how many of us have outlined or noted what we don’t want to do or we leave it to chance?

“There is risks in everything you decide. There is more sliding door moments then I can count I’ve had. But my biggest regrets are not from deciding wrong but from the decisions I didn’t make powerfully and I left hanging until the answer made itself up.” – Coach Melisa

Not every opportunity will provide you with the highest return on your time and effort. Those are the habits and choices we know are NOT bringing us closer to what we want.

Steve Jobs was the greatest example i know of this in the marketing and Entrepreneurship game:

He wouldn’t focus on market research and building products strictly on what customer said they wanted.⁣

“….oftentimes the most important decisions a company can make are choices about what not to do. ” – Building great brands

6: Your habits

Our habits though can seem autopilot from the tinniest habit we do like brushing our teeth to big ones like career choices but are ALL made by us.

When you choose to write everyday – then you must decide to make time for it else it can’t work.

Here are some habits to serve you better:-

  • Physical activity and Movement
  • Dissociating from the habit of anger and resentment
  • Unlearning any addiction to stress
  • Reading
  • Embrace foods that give quality nutrition and heal your body

7: Quitting Porn

Amongst so many other habits, i feel this deserves a point on its own.

There’s something about porn addiction. No one who is stuck wants to stay stuck. But then the system doesn’t make it easy for anyone. Porn is accessible in a single click in our phones and devices.

Banning it may not be a long term solution either as we all want to make our own independent choices.

From experience and testimonials of people who have changed their lives– quitting porn is a gateway to open up doors of life blessings and eliminate feeling of guilt

.Come to think of it – the energy one use in lusting after people on a screen and semen for men (we know contain life energy) can be redirected to something more meaningful.

8: Learning from failures

One thing or the other is going to go south in your life at one point or the other.

You can choose to let it slide without learning anything and make the same mistakes over and over again or learn from such events.

It takes a strong and overcoming mindset to learn from failures.

9: Working with a Coach

You find people who are willing to keeping investing on themselves until they make it and those who love to play safe until they can “afford” external help. Fact is it all depends on how badly you want change.

Books, courses are key. But working a coach can accelerate your growth. Get a mentor, trainer, coach or guide where you have challenges.


The pinnacle of human fulfillment comes when we’re living our ideal life by intention.

What’s important is your ability to make decisions in alignment to your vision and your core values.

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself.

Take your decisions and stick by it.


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