How to deal with Anxiety: 11-Step Guide to Crushing your Anxiety

This guide will show you how to identify, understand, and overcome your anxiety.

Anxiety leads to moments of confusion and unproductive thoughts.

Thoughts have this annoying habit of popping into your head at very inconvenient times, such as when you are trying to sleep, or concentrating on an important task.

Sometimes you’re new to an environment and are anxious because you’re unfamiliar with their habits and routines.

It may be you’re trying to control something or someone that you were never meant to control.

Most Anxiety can also come from emotions which we shove down and feelings we’re not allowing out.

I wish I could tell you to just decide to let go and all the stress, anxiety, anger will magically disappear …but sometimes it takes more work.

11 Tips to Crush Your Anxiety

These tips will help you reduce your anxiety and live a more productive life.

1: Meditation

Meditations are a great way for to let go of one period of feeling off and shift into a more peaceful one which then makes it easier for you to not only feel better, but to come back to important tasks with a new focus to what you’re after.

It only takes a few minutes for this shift to happen. I find focusing on my breath an easy form of meditation I can do anywhere. It is definitely the easiest one to learn.

Mediation can help you observe your thoughts as a spectator, rather than engaging with them, it helps you to acknowledge the thought, and let it go, without getting caught up in it.

2: Practice Mindfulness

Excessive thoughts can trigger unproductive energy states that anxiety creates often. Cultivate the habit of allowing yourself to let go of your thoughts for a few minutes.

The first step is acknowledging that you have anxiety and that it’s normal to feel this way at that period.

Second is learning about what causes anxiety and how to cope with stress.

Third is setting realistic goals for yourself.

Be conscious of everything you do and feel and the steps you’re taking to get you closer to your goals. Identify what makes your anxiety worse and stay away from those things.

Mindfulness is an antidote to an anxious mind.

3: Do what you’re scared the most to do

Most times we’re anxious because we’re unsure of the outcomes. So we’re afraid to risk our efforts then we things half-heartedly.

This is a recipe for getting mediocre results.

Practice makes perfect

If you want to get good at something that’s making you anxious you gotta put in some work.

Normalize feeling the discomfort and do it anyway. The anxiety and fear is a protective mechanism by our bodies to stop us from hurting ourselves.

Whatever you decide to do should have a greater good for you beyond the present – so keep doing it despite how you feel and the anxiety goes away.

Anxiety dominates when the lap between action and thinking is large.

When you decide something you want to do. Don’t waste much time overthinking the how’s and the right way to do it – make the attempt.

Sometimes just by getting yourself out there – you discover the thing you were the most anxious about is NOT even what you want.

4: Find time to be in nature

Going outdoors in nature is one of the best ways to beat STRESS which increases anxiety and has several other advantages:

  • – Fresh air
  • – Sunlight
  • – The ability to take walks

Taking a walk is a good one as it not only shifts your mind, it also changes your physiology by moving your body.

All of these have an opposite effect on your anxiety levels.

5: Work on your mindset

You can develop an advantage over your anxiety levels when you work on your mindset. Your mindset could be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Take control of your thoughts, beliefs and attitude.

How do you get out of an anxiety state of mind?

When you work on your mindset you’ll start to shift things from the inside out.

Don’t believe everything you tell yourself.

When you relate an event to a particular feeling or your past – then you become slave to whatever emotions you’ve associated that event to.

The point is to be mindful of what you relate things to. Be conscious of your habits, mindset and beliefs.

You’ll feel more confident, understand your mind, and have faith and self-love for yourself and others internally through doing the work.

6: Get your sleep right

Sleep habit is #1 lifestyle habit that predicts your irritation and anxiety levels on any given day.

When you sleep 3 -4 hours a night because of work or your lack of priorities – then you risk the soundness of your mind to being anxious.

Power Naps are also effective Mental Resets when you’re in a place to take one.

7: Join a club or group:

Being around others that have similar interests can help you feel less alone and more comfortable

I joined NotePd and I started writing everyday and letting go of my anxiety to writing.

8: Step out of your comfort zone

There are things we don’t want to do not because they’re not good or healthy for us but we prefer to rather stick to the path of least resistance.

But how long can you stay there? How long can you bear the pain?

Is getting out of your comfort zone good for anxiety?

Staying within the confines of your comfort zone hinders growth.

You’ve got to make the decision to stop leaning only to comfort. Then you develop the courage to beat your anxiety.

And when you need to ask questions – don’t just take advice from random people or decide to go all out in life.

Be proactive about it. Think of who’s got the right knowledge and experience on this when you have a challenge, someone you deem it fit to be an Authority – reach out to such person.

Get used to talking to the right people as against complaining. Your Family, your Spiritual authority, anyone you know that has done that thing before, a Coach be of immense help here and provide support.

9: Focus on the widely important

Learn to discern the vital few from the trivial many.

Here’s how my Coach Friend, Michael Yeung put it:

If you want to achieve the most progress and results while banishing anxiety and overwhelm for good, you must learn to discern the vital few from the trivial many.

Because by saying YES to something (I.e. Random NFT trading course), we are indirectly saying NO to something else (I.e. Key profit producing activities, or a fun Friday night with family.)

Why is it important to focus on your priorities?

Maintain clarity on your priorities and focus on what aligns with your vision so that you can confidently scale up your impact and income while experiencing the time freedom you deserve.

10: Work on your Diet and Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins that have mood-boosting effects.

What foods to avoid if you have anxiety?

Some foods are known to increase anxiety e.g. most processed and junk foods while real foods are known to decrease anxiety levels.

Make effort to decrease inflammatory foods e.g. sugar. Eliminate JUNK and eat real foods.

11: Come up with a Plan while taking action

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

When I was the most anxious about my work in a particular organization – I woke up one day, came up with a plan and decided to change my life and boost my confidence.

  • Go to work Earlier everyday– this would help me gain familiarity with my work before the usual office chatter.
  • Double check everything I did or intended to submit to a superior.
  • Start taking more responsibilities instead of shying away from them even if it would mean me staying late.

Does planning help anxiety?

Having a plan can improve almost anything you want to get better at and crush your anxiety levels.

Overweight and want to get back control of your body and health? Don’t leave it to chance.

Can you Cook your own meals instead of eating out most days to maintain control over your ingredients?

You want to write everyday as a habit and don’t prioritize having a single Journal or think coming up with 10 ideas a day is too much? Recipe for failure.

12: Bonus point: Be Patient

Big things take time.

Stop stomping on your seeds.

Successful people think long-term as against only the now.

They developed the habit of not sacrificing what they want most to what they want now.

Allow yourself to grow.

Quit comparing yourself to others and enjoy the process.

Finally, check out these helpful visuals that can further help you deal with anxiety:

P.S: For more advise- See a therapist: A professional can help you understand and deal with your anxiety in a healthy way.


You get nothing from worrying other than anxiety and a negative mindset.

We are in charge of our emotions and can decide how to respond.

Whether to think positively or negatively is up to us.

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