10 Practical ways to deal with fear

What is your biggest Fear?

Does it slow you down? Does it keep you from achieving your goals?

The things we fear can cause severe limitations to us.

Fear arouses from our thoughts, by what we watch or what we hear; it functions through our sense organs.

When it lays hold on you, you become its victim.

Example, if you’re traveling and the break suddenly fails, 80% of the passengers will be gripped with the fear of death hence screams and shouts.

How to deal with fear? 10 practical ways to deal with fear

1: Protect your mind

Identify the source of your fear. Avoid feeding your mind with negative things such as:

  • listening to bad news
  • surrounding yourself with friends who only discuss negative things
  • and those that they never see the good in anyone neither do they bring good reports.

The mind lights your life, do not fill it with junks.

Life is a GIGO – “Garbage In Garbage Out.”  What you feed your mind with gives room for evil or good thoughts.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your hearts with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of Life.”

2: Challenge your beliefs about fear

Decide to think positive. Positive thoughts attracts positive results, the law of attraction states that “You are a magnet attracting what you think and feel.”

Positive thinking is related to having faith. Therefore exercise Faith even when situations around you seem discouraging.

Always expect good results in everything you do. Think positive and create a good feeling within you.

3: Embrace the Fear

Being fearless was never the goal in the first place. Courage is.

Are you afraid? Be able to move with it.

Then go around it.

Facing your fears little by little can help them feel more manageable and less daunting.

If you want to make some freaking magic with it, accept it and do some cool sh*t with it!

Life isn’t about waiting on the tide to pass. Life is about learning how to dance in the rain.

If you’re cultivating the habit of writing DAILY:

Write without fear.

Edit without mercy.

4: Take Action

Refuse to keep postponing appointments, task, visitations etc.

Procrastination reduces your confidence, creates fear of loosing out on opportunities that would make a difference in your life;

It reduces peoples trust or regard for you.

“A stich in time saves nine.” Read my previous post on five simple steps to deal with procrastination to deal with this.

Example, you may have a blog post to write or proposal to present, but due to procrastination, a task that would have taken you a day or two to finish, would last perhaps 2-3 weeks plus.

On the day of your presentation, because you were not prepared, you will be filled with fear of failing and possibly give half-assed delivery.

5: Build Confidence

Self confidence helps to deal with fear.

That is; being bold, approach every situation around you with confidence.

Do not shy away from your responsibilities because when you do, it drastically reduces your self esteem.

Don’t continue telling yourself, I can’t do this or that;

Face every challenge that comes with confidence. It may be fear of speaking in public gatherings, this is very important, no one was born a perfect being.

You must learn to overcome this by starting from somewhere, by addressing family members during family meetings, ushering at events or church, attending concerts, interaction with people who will add positively to your life.

To learn more on building confidence – read my previous post on 20 tips to to build self confidence.

6: Make lifestyle changes:

Things like relaxation techniques, exercise, and healthy eating can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

7: Create a support system:

Invest in a Coach.

Tell friends and family about what you’re going through so they can provide emotional support.

Seek professional help.

8: Live a Simple life

Life is what you make it, it can be simple or complex. Those who lead with fear have the most complicated lives. While simplicity breeds courage.

You must try to love every one around you, when you love everyone, it eradicates envy.

Be friendly with everyone. Celebrate with everyone.

Happiness is free.

Make a diary of good memories that you could always make reference to.

Enjoy every God given moment, take life easy on yourself and stop taking life too seriously.

9: Journal more often

I had a friend who called me complaining and worried. While evaluating and asking questions I found he had made 2-3x of a usual day on that occasion. He was more concerned of the future than the present.

I advised him to journal his thoughts. Obviously, he was having a form of panic attack.

Even as an Entrepreneur, some things you have no control over. You can optimize your process but may not have full control over the results. For example, i have no control over how much engagement this post gets.

Using a journal to track your triggers and progress can help you understand your fear better and quantify your progress.

10: Let go

Letting go is the key to getting well with uncertainties.

Its why we Pray and Trust in God!


We all have fears and insecurities some we realize and some were not aware of.

It’s all a process of becoming a better human being.

Dive deep and pinpoint what’s stopping you from moving onto higher success.

Often, “fear” of e.g. change & being unwilling to step out of your comfort zone is the real culprit.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear ❤️

Read on NotePD.

Let me know in the COMMENT section how you are dealing or have dealt with fear in the past.

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