How to learn to take responsibility for your actions?

You don’t need to be “perfect” to take responsibility for your actions. It encompasses all aspects of life including your health, finances, relationships, education etc.

The key to living long and becoming financially free is take responsibility for your lifestyle choices and finances.

The best way to maintain a smooth and loving relationship is to take responsibility for your own actions in such relationships.

Quit the blaming and playing victim

Not taking action is easier, appears pain-free but the reward is only short-term.

Take full responsibility of everything you do and where you’re at right now. Don’t play the victim. Only you are responsible for your own life.

What is it called when you take responsibility for your action?

You become an ACCOUNTABLE person.

You choose to stop playing games with your mind and it reflects on how you handle yourself and others.

The importance of taking responsibility for your actions cannot be overemphasized:

Start by what you say.

Only commit to what you think you can do and don’t overpromise. No one is interested in big promises when you can’t fulfill them.

Avoid lying. Easy to say and hard to practice; but liars get to the point where others can’t differentiate when they’re lying and saying the truth because they’re not known for being corny.

How to take responsibility for your actions in a relationship

Good relationships are built on a solid-foundation: Truth, Selflessness and genuinely caring for the other party.

Take responsibility for your triggers.

As things that trigger us are our fault.  If something triggers you, you must analyze yourself and your relationship to that which provokes you, asking yourself “why,” “how comes,” and so on, rather than attacking the messenger.

Surround yourself with action-oriented people.

Surround yourself with people who give you concrete benchmarks for success. Show you new heights, and they believe you can reach them.
Be with people who raise the bar on your thinking.

It applies also to sales and businesses. Building relationships online and expanding your network is not hard. Just be genuine and have real conversations.

As a brand you want to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships “lifetime value” of your customers

Why is it important for you to take responsibility for your own actions?

You gain Respect

The most respected people are people who are trustworthy. Everybody wants to associate with people that can keep their words.

You stop doubting yourself

The mind is your most powerful asset. Take responsibility for your actions and it gets stronger.

You trust yourself more and succeed more.

Your take action and Succeed

Why do you think successful people do big things which unsuccessful people cannot even imagine? They choose to stop playing small and commit to achieving bigger results.

Your become productive

The opposite of a productive mind is a mind filled with distraction, non-focus and crippled results.

The way to become productive is to eliminate all forms of distraction and negativity by taking responsibility for your actions.

You gain confidence

The most natural form of confidence comes with competence. Taking responsibility for your actions is a growth mindset that reflects on how others see you.

What happens when you don’t take responsibility for your actions?

No growth

Growth comes with self-awareness and being responsible. Start by taking on more responsibilities and committing to each one if you want to advance in any aspect of your life.

You give others control over your own life

Not taking responsibility is the way to lose your freedom. Others now dictate the outcome of your progress in life.

You lose respect

The downside of blaming and playing defensive in life is lack of influence. Without you having any form of perceived influence you lose respect.

You become unlucky more often

Creating your own luck is you putting yourself out there and taking responsibility for every of your actions.

No confidence

Do you want to be confident, strong and self-reliant – start taking more responsibility for your actions.

You deserve to be appreciated and fully accepted for who you are: learn to take responsibility for your own behaviour so you can:

Giving yourself permission to vision:

– a New YOU

– taking responsibility for your actions

– building a bullet proof mindset

– Crushing old habits and creating new ones

– Crafting a ROUTINE that works your you. Cut all of the negativity in your life and focus on YOURSELF.




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