How to surround yourself with the right people: practical key strategies

Are you struggling with limiting beliefs, low confidence and self-esteem? Surround yourself with the right people to go faster in life.

Don’t underestimate the power of association – you’re the average of the five people you associate with.

Your environment matters

I’ve on several occasions made this mistake of going with the flow on who I hang around with and expecting big results.

But then I did a whole lot of self-audit and observed that apart from my input, what really made a difference in terms of boosting or limiting my growth was who I surrounded myself with.

The people you hang around with the most impact the level of growth you attain.

Simply because these people make up your environment which plays a big influence on you from your; thoughts– what you think is possible, the words you use – affirmations and actions – what you do.

How do you Surround Yourself with the Right People all the time?

Become the Highest version of yourself 

It all starts with you. You attract the right people by becoming the highest version of yourself.

When most people hear of clichés like “surrounding yourself with the right people” – all they think of is you hanging around the most expensive gyms, exotic hotels, bars and communities. Yes some of that can matter but they’re all secondary.

Start the change within you as to how you want to see the difference in the world.

Take action and create the positive energy to ripple effect on people that surrounds you!

Have integrity

Integrity is what separates you from the pack and is the best representation of being your best self.

Stand for what is right, what you say and stand by others even at their back.

Invest in your self

When you invest in yourself – you learn to improve yourself. This naturally makes you more attractive as you share values and habits with the right people you want to associate with.

Become valuable

Trust me – most people you see around you are also thinking of what is in for them.

For you to naturally attract others you have to be making their lives better by either making them smarter, make more money or help them save time or effort.

Take responsibility

The right people you want to surround yourself with all have something in common – they take responsibility for their actions.

Stop complaining about problems in life and start making the right moves to solve problems.

Build genuine connections with others

People don’t to associate with people that only come around when they’re in need.

Why do you want to associate with the right people? Do you want to build genuine relationships that end up being life time beneficial? If that’s your thinking, you’re on the right track.

Key practical strategies to surround yourself with the right people

1. Minimize contact with people who are not positive 

Get rid of negative people and surround yourself with successful ones to model and learn from.⁣

Surround yourself with positive people. You cannot hang around negative people and expect to live a positive life.

“Associate yourself with people who think positively. You cannot surround yourself with negative people and expect positive outcomes.” – Roy T. Bennett

2. Surround yourself with people who have the same goals as yours.

The more you surround yourself with high achievers, the further you’ll go. The opposite is also true.

If your friends start businesses, you’ll start businesses. If your friends are stagnating, you’ll need to make new friends.

3. Invest in yourself

Its crazy what’s possible when you invest in yourself and never quit. Find mentors and coaches to get you where you want to go as fast as humanly possible.

Hiring a coach can always offer that support you need the most, support you in those times of uncertainty where the unknown can seem overwhelming and uncertain!

4. Start reading books daily

Learn from people who are way more successful than you and take notes. It could be through books, courses, youtube videos or any form of resource material.

5. Surround yourself with people who support you

Find those people who support and challenge you. They force you to grow.

It may only be one or two people, but those people are crucial to us. If you don’t have such people around you, it’s never too late to find a new circle that’ll be there for you

If you’re married, protect your relationship by surrounding yourself with people who encourage your marriage rather than dragging it down.

“Surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” – Edmund Lee

5. Surround yourself with people who raise the bar on your thinking.

If you’ve never made a single $ online and all you surround yourself are people don’t believe online money is possible, where do you think you’ll be in the next 5 years. No much difference in terms of making $$$ online.

Be with people who give you concrete benchmarks for success. Show you new heights, and they believe you can reach them.

How to identify the right people?

  • The Right people always want to push you forward

They don’t believe in stagnancy either of themselves or anyone around them. They ask you how you’re doing and listen to know how much you’ve improved from where they met you.

You know the right people when they don’t tolerate your excuses and make sure you’re moving forward in life and on the right track.

  • They right people have big goals

You don’t want to be the smartest guy in the room…ever. The right people have an intrinsic motivation themselves to dream and achieve great things. By your association with them you get inspired.

You start believing things you thought were impossible becoming possible.

Here’s how my friend Jan Koch on virtual mastery, put it:

“Surround yourself with people who can set accurate goals.

Dreaming about 10x-ing your business is great.

If you don’t know the exact steps to take though, it’ll frustrate and paralyze you.”

  • The right people don’t laugh at your dreams & aspirations

Surround yourself with those that help you aspire to your dreams. 

Think of your present circle … can you tell them a huge goal without them laughing you in the face?

Can you get refined ideas just by interacting with them? If not, you need to recheck who you hang around with else you may be planting your seeds in the wrong soil which may never grow.

  • The right people tell you the truth

You don’t want to surround yourself with Yes-men who are either afraid to tell you the truth or never have truth in their dictionary.

Surround yourself with people who will call you out if you step out of line.

  • The right people are positive thinkers

Cut out all negativity in your life and focus on yourself. So when you surround yourself with others, you don’t want to get any negative energy.

Surround yourself with positive people that uplift you.

  • The right people are focused on turning their dreams into reality

The right people can be either ahead of you, learning from you or moving together with you

Surround yourself with good mentors, mentees and friends living on their edge.

  •  The right people are not parasitic

It’s hard to imagine this, but I’ve seen where people struggle to hang around certain kinds of people they thought would help them and they turn out to sap them out.

Don’t surround yourself with people who are look good on the outside but end up only takers and have nothing to offer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a coach or spiritual authority.

Benefits and Importance of Surrounding yourself with the right people?

  • Increase your confidence 

The right people believe in you. Each of us has that one or two persons that believed in us even when we didn’t fully believe in ourselves.

“The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds.
The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too.
The people that love you simply for being you.
The once in a lifetime kind of people.” – Kate Lattey (Dare to Dream)
  • You become more accountable. 

The right people trust you. The right people hold you to the highest standard because they trust you and would do anything to hold you accountable.

  •  You go faster in life 

They right people root for you. Have you ever shared a big concern to a “friend?” If you have the right people around you they’ll be as interested in helping you as you would do yourself.

They’ll recommend you alternatives if they do not have direct answers for you.


Start surrounding yourself with the right people and watch your life transform.

Change your life with the actions you take today, people you surround yourself with & the decisions you make.

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