20 lessons I learned before 30: hard lessons you can’t skip

What life lessons should we learn before turning into age 30?

At 30, people still wonder whether is too late to learn a skill e.g. coding or a new language?

I’m 27. But I’ve learned quite a few things as am fast approaching 30.

What are good lessons to learn before turning 30?

1) Health is wealth

This is the first hard lesson you should learn quickly. It’s the secret to looking younger than your age.

  • Eat REAL foods.
  • Become more physically active for your physical and mental health.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Prioritize your sleep.
  • Get your vitamin D levels up with some sunlight daily and as benefit regulate your mood.

2) You’re the average of the five people you associate with

You’re reading this because you chose to improve your life and network with great minds.

If all your friends are only talking booze, parties and random gossip – sorry bro, you’ll hardly build anything.

They are either deceiving you or ….themselves.

Find people that support and challenge you; surround yourself with the right people.

Cut out NEGATIVITY in your life.

3) You’re the sum of your habits

What we often fail to notice is how our habits are affecting us.

Everything we do is as a result of habits.

Break down your goals into tiny habits and focus on those that move the needle.

It won’t take long you’ll achieve such goals.

4) Focus more on giving than receiving

When you give, you open doors for more blessings.

You become attractive to others as they feel indebted to reciprocate someday.

But don’t do it for such reasons, give so you can impact to the world.

5) No one is coming to save you

Stop complaining.

Stop blaming.

Start taking responsibility for your actions.

If you want change, be the change – Gandhi

6) Your faith should be greater than your fear

One of my Coach friend on Facebook, today was talking about how he started his coaching business from a small space – renovating the top-floor’s bathroom & turning it into his bedroom + office.

He took client’s calls from an uncomfortable space in his home until he could afford to be comfortable.

I can remember going about trying to market laptops physically without worrying if I sold one, two or three a week while I was in school – until I had an online business.

Whatever you do, believe in yourself, have faith and keep pushing forward and the universe makes room for you to win.

If you don’t – people easily sense it and never take you seriously.

7) Quality over quantity – in terms of relationships

First start with yourself, be the kind of person that impacts those around you for good.

Quit random sarcasm, low-value relationships and build quality relationships that last long-term.

8) Listen more than you talk

No one wants to feel unheard or unseen.

You become powerful when you practice the habit of listening to understand.

Stop engaging in random arguments.

Don’t just listen to others.

Learn to to listen to your gut feeling.

9) Write everyday

Writing every day is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

If you’re blank. Go to quora. Click answers. Answer a few questions without judging yourself. Post some ideas on the app – NotePD.

“Writing can teach you to pay attention; by writing down your thoughts and observations.” – Anne Lamott.

10) Be first committed to yourself

Today, I saw a cliche post by Gary Vee on Facebook which is exactly what I’m driving at.

He mentioned – “if you want to be happy, have zero expectation of others.”

Learn to expect little from people and more from yourself.

Do what you say you’re going to do – learn how to keep your word.

Quit toxic habits you wish to quit – porn, smoking etc.

Need support, coaching? Reach out.

Stay committed to yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

Stop living on the sidelines and start sharing Your message. .

11) How to say no

You should learn how to say no so that you can set boundaries and protect your time and energy.

12) Focus on what moves the needle

You could be focusing you mind right now on how your previous Boss gossiped about you (which you can’t change) or on your biggest priorities.

Focus can take you at the speed of light to where you want to go… but also in the wrong direction:

Focusing on the right things creates quantum leaps.
Focusing on the wrong things drains your confidence, health & bank account.

Focus on what moves the needle.

13) How to network:

Networking is important for career success, so start learning how.

Up level your network – meaning go hang out with people that they are WAY ahead of you – you’ll be uncomfortable but that’s good!

Your network is your net worth! This doesn’t only apply with money!

Who you choose to surround yourself with can determine your health, and success!

14) How to manage your finances

First, true freedom is living below your means.

Most millionaires live on this principle while broke people are focused on impressing others.

Second, if you want to stop asking where all you money is going – learn how to budget or simply tracking your expenses and have a habit of saving money.

You should know how to budget and save money so that you can live comfortably after 30.

Third and most important to achieve financial freedom – find a way to create multiple streams of income, make your money work for you and invest so you can grow your money over time.

Starting a business can open your mind to all these incase you have never done so.

Learn how to stay motivated while running your own business. 

15) Train your discipline

You don’t need more motivation or ” to be on your best behaviour” to eat healthy – you just need some DISCIPLINE.

My friend P. D Mangan on Twitter stated recently:

“People who would never fill up a Lamborghini with biodiesel will just as soon put garbage food into their bodies.”

Whatever outcome that’s important to you – focus on consistency and discipline – it will get you amazing results.

Maybe not today…but i can assure you if you keep at it – you’ll see results overtime.

16) Meditate daily

Information can be overwhelming.

Be intentional about what and when you feed your mind.

Taking some time to meditate/quiet your mind is the key to stay focused, productive and have healthy mood all day.

What you think, you will become.

Infact, what you eat, drink, read, watch, who you interact with; what you allow in your life…

All of it will create your reality.

17) Develop yourself mentally

When I was in College; I hated everything about studying.

I wanted to study what i thought was important, at my own pace not to cram a bunch of shit just to pass exams.

Also I’ve seen the opposite:

People who cannot read on their own without the pressure of school.

But you don’t have to wait for academic papers to make you smart.

Take the time daily to Read & write.

Its a waste not to find out what you’re mentally capable of before 30.

Why a reading habit is an important lesson to learn before 30? 

Like running is the exercise for body, reading is the exercise for the brain. If you want to run a  business you need to have a creative brain. ⁣

Don’t get it twisted. Reading and consuming educational content are key to success, but it cannot replace the actual part where you NEED to take action.

18) Make Exercise part of your lifestyle

Lift heavy weights

  • Eat high-protein.
  • Lift heavy 2-3x a week.

The gym builds your mind as much as it does your body.

I’m not just talking being a gym freak. I’m talking being physically active overall.

You don’t need magic genes to be fit – you need to exercise and eat smart.

Daily Exercise is a good habit, but taking it to the extreme is not healthy either.

Studies show that chronic stress affects the way your body handles insulin and keeps sugar levels high.

A healthy eating plan and regular exercise may help you prevent illness and control stress.

19) Eliminate sugar and most junk food your diet

I used to be a soda addict.

Largely because I associated “working hard” to compensating myself. And with ignorance – the fastest and budget-friendly compensation were ready-made snacks + soda.

To some it was never soda but Alcohol or Cigarettes- especially when you have much friends you go out with.

When I started studying about nutrition to improve my health – I found the little nutrient quality soda and most white flour products had.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re low-carb, Keto, Vegetarian; to get healthier Eliminate refined junk foods.

Learning how to cook is one of the most important lesson you can learn before 30 so that you can make healthy and delicious meals for yourself. Cooking is fun, saves money and much healthier than eating out but only if you’re cooking Real foods.

Your superpower with cooking is you have control over all the ingredients.

20) Have a healthy morning routine

Morning routine is no. 1 thing to do to be more productive and stay motivated as key lessons to learn before 30 and beyond.

There are two types of people on earth. Those that have a structure to what they do after waking up and those that don’t.

And I can assure you, the latter are those that have more control of their life.

Getting up early in the morning, meditating/gratitude/prayer sesions, having a healthy breakfast, working on a goal and doing your best work is a great way to start the day.


What are the important lessons that you learned before 30?

Success comes from learning to navigate uncertainty. Therefore it’s imperative that we learn what is important to us first.

To be successful, you don’t need to win the lottery; instead, you need to develop high-performance habits and the belief that you can make your own luck.

Everything else is a learnable skill that can be improved with time.

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