No matter what life throws at you never give up

My first online business was over 6 months before learning marketing to finally make profits. My blog over 3 months; before having a first subscriber.

Push hardest when you want to quit the most.

Sometimes in life you’re going to undergo some difficult moments.
Times when you hardly understand what’s going on.

You may even be struggling just to keep your head above the water.

It may happen in your studies, business, relationships or making difficult choices.

Most people who are successful now had to struggle way more than you realize

In the business world, most successful businessmen have one time or the other failed in a new idea or lost a significant amount of money.

Usually, large enough that “normies” cannot believe they could make it all back. But they did and have done better.

Every successful businessman has failed at some ventures, and most entrepreneurs who run their own companies have been declared bankrupt at least once – Richard Branson (Losing my Virginity)

The moral of the story is – don’t play victim. Commit and take action.

Get rid of “perfection” to keep going 

I’ve seen dropouts become millionaires, older people become physically fit, relegated people become leaders. There’s no perfect idea for living your dreams.

We become stuck and don’t move forward with our plans when we seek the perfect idea, the ideal structure, right moment.

Consistent efforts beats perfection

It could be the start of a new career or when you engage in something you’re not really used.

You don’t really know what each day brings. What progress you might make.

Everyone says you should be consistent; put in the work, never give up.

What if they’re right?

Your consistent effort to keep going can pay off more than the delusion of always expecting magnificent results.

Fact is the former is within your control, while the latter is not. And it’s wisdom to focus on what’s within your control.

That’s the key to increasing your chances of hits, flows and boosting your confidence in yourself.

How to make NOT GIVING UP a habit

Focus on learning and problem solving:  start seeing your business and pursuits as a form of self-improvement.

– Review your goals:  Never start a new month without reviewing the past month and setting three goals with a plan & a deadline to accomplish them.

–  Take ownership: Embrace failure, take responsibility. Have you failed to make a sale or didn’t get any leads? It’s entirely your responsibility. Couldn’t keep track of your time? It’s entirely your responsibility. The only limitation is you and your abilities.

–  Let go of the victim mentality:  You think everything in this world is out to get you and you stay down. Think the opposite – all things work together for good and it will.

–  Ignore labels:  The unique thing about successful people is they choose their labels. They don’t let any failure define them.

– Hang out with successful people: The idea is to create your environment including friends and influence from people.

Aim for settings that are supportive, non-toxic and challenging (promote personal growth).

Successful people are already used to failing and getting back up and hardly laugh at you for failing or changing course.  Those are the people you want to hang around with often.

– Always be practicing and upgrading your skills: Anne Lamott first book about her dying dad, early reviewers thought it was: “a total waste of time, a boring, sentimental, self-indulgent sack of spider puke.” She didn’t give up.

Today everybody recommends her work “Bird by bird” in building a system for writing.

I can confirm as her book is one of the most enjoyable book i have read on writing as a habit.

Tomorrow is not promised 

A spoiler about the future – no one is promised tomorrow! We understand and start taking action whenever we get closer to this realization.

People who have had “near death experiences” tend to become more spiritual, appreciative, value relationships, and are less materialistic.

Life will eventually hit you in the face at one point or another. Start doing what you really want to do.

Thinking of giving up? 

Read books, take classes, practice every day, build an online presence, make amazing connections, attend networking events, and put yourself in front of those who need you.

Keep an eye on how powerful you become! Make it a point to “Live Like You’re Dying’ today.

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  1. It is so important to just keep working towards your big goals! I struggle with letting go of the perfection mindset, and it’s helpful to read your words on it!

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