Why you should take risks in your 20s? 11 tips and benefits

You have something extraordinary within you. Stop leaning only to comfort and playing it safe especially if you’re in your 20s – take some risks while you’re young.

Its always cool when I see most of the people killing it with their agencies & businesses are damn young including dropouts and those still in school.

I love how Alex Bearman puts it in perspective on how he chose to pursue  his interest in real estate from an early age:

While everyone in my high school studied the communist manifesto

I studied the “buy a multi unit building in a poor part of the country and live off the rental income” manifesto

Now I have free housing and they don’t.

The Right mindset makes risk-taking while you’re young worthwhile

With the right mindset, your focus is on the possibility of shifting your life to serve, make money and impact the world.

As a benefit, you get a whole lot of self-improvement and finding yourself doing this. It makes perfect sense.

While with a wrong mindset you don’t care about serving and may only do it for the money. The benefit is short-lived. Exactly what we don’t want.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

― Paulo Coelho

10 things you should stop doing to take risks while you’re young

  • Stop overthinking

Don’t waste time in overanalyzing any good idea this time. Conceive, plan, and execute. If it doesn’t work, replan & restrategize.

  • Don’t wait until you feel comfortable.

Comfort is a cage. Getting out of your comfort zone is hard. Building the right mindset is hard. Its where you want to be after you do all the hard stuff that matters.

You are on a hero’s journey. You don’t want your journey to only be easy and comfortable. It should be exhilarating.

  • Don’t wait until you have it all figured out.

No one ever figures it “all out.”  Reminder, to start before you’re “fully” ready.  Everybody out there is trying to figure things out.

You first have to get out of your head and decide to figure things out.

  • Don’t wait until you retire.

Some people have been oriented never to take risks while they’re young but to focus on building security.

If your idea of taking life risks is to study a good course, get a job, get insurance, retire, then you can take some risks. Then you’ll miss out on a whole lot of potential success.

  • Don’t wait until everything is perfect.

Start small and take baby steps EVERYDAY rather than waiting for everything to fall in place.

There’s no perfect moment.

If you have a good idea that you can start working on but hesitate – 9/10 it’s fear, uncertainty, playing perfect NOT Laziness that is holding you down.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today. Procrastination only gives room for more procrastination.

  • Don’t wait until you have the approval of others.

Understand how insignificant it feels to continually seek approval from others and raise your standards.

Trust your vision above all else. Even if it is opposed to everyone else’s ideas of what you should do.

  • Don’t think you have all day.

We all want to live long but life is short. You don’t want to run out of time and be filled with “what if’s” and serious regrets.

Anything less than commitment to your vision is fraudulent.

  • Stop avoiding responsibilities
Your life changes when you start shouldering more responsibilities and taking ownership.

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