What is PPC? Learn the Basics of PPC marketing in Nigeria

Do you know there’s a new way to advertise your business in a more targeted way to your ideal audience and better still only be charged when people show interest in your business?

In order words – your business would be shown to the market and only when people click inside your funnel before you would be charged.

That is called PPC marketing.

What is PPC marketing? 

PPC marketing simply means Pay per click marketing. Its a mode of advertising used by all the big platforms so you as an advertiser pay a fee only when someone clicks on your product.

Now imagine you were selling the hottest product on the market right now and you wanted to advertise your product.

But instead of paying for just views and interests like the regular influencer marketing or TV/RADIO marketing you only pay when someone shows genuine interest.

That is by clicking on your ad and going to your website or online store to learn more or buy your product.

How to make more sales using Pay per click marketing?

Before starting Pay per click marketing, you’ve got to determine your goals as there are several options that can work for PPC:

– Website traffic; best for ecommerce, blogs
– Generating leads; best for affiliate marketers, service agencies,
– Driving sales – best for Ecommerce, online stores etc

Platforms for PPC marketing

Google Ads:

Google Ads is the number one platform for PPC marketing in terms of getting leads or sales from search results.

It comes with a tag nowadays “Sponsored” which can appear as high as #1 on the search results.

And because your clients are actively searching for your products – they are most likely to buy.

Another cool thing with Google ads is the fact that your ads can appear both on search results, YouTube, and blogs/forums i.e. websites within the Google Display Network.
Nigerians using Google ads can only pay in dollar.

Get started with Google ads, learn from a guy Kassy, who has generated over 40 million naira promoting digital products via Google ads:

Facebook Ads:

The coolest thing about Facebook ads on PPC marketing is the fact that it offers a wide range of targeting options which you can take advantage of such as demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.

This applies to Instagram also as you can run facebook ads that appear on both platforms.

With the PayU option available on facebook you have the ability to pay in Naira.

Microsoft Advertising: Formerly known as Bing Ads

The only difference between Microsoft Advertising and Google ads is that your PPC campaigns display ads on the Bing search engine and Yahoo.

And you’ll be charged based on clicks only which can be a valuable platform to reach a specific audience.

Twitter Ads:

More Nigerians are beginning to use Twitter to build audiences and sell their products.

The ads you create on Twitter can appear all over the twitter platform e.g. newsfeeds, under tweets and the search impressions.

Also its unique platforms offers the ability to target specific interests, keywords, followers of certain accounts, and more.

LinkedIn Ads:

Linked Ads is a big deal for Business to Business Marketing (B2B) since it is a professional networking site.

The targeting options include industries, job titles, company size etc.

Amazon Advertising:

With the rise in Nigerians publishing products on Amazon Kindle – you can scale your sales for your products by increasing visibility using the PPC marketing available on the Amazon platform.

What’s interesting is also their targeting options which can give you high quality results.

Just make sure your content and covers on the Kindle platform are original to prevent being blacklisted.

These are just a few examples of platforms where you can run PPC marketing campaigns.

Each platform has its own strengths, targeting options, and audience reach, so it’s important to choose the ones that align with your target audience and marketing goals.

How to learn PPC marketing?

1. Conduct Keyword Research:

There are certain “keywords” your customers are using to search for the relevant products online.

E.g. a home owner in need for a plumber in Lekki – would be search online for “hire a plumber in Lagos.”

One who needs to get a ready-made black suit of his size would simply be searching “buy a black suit online”

So you need to identify those keywords and note them somewhere as you would need to supply them in pay per click marketing like Google.

2. Create a Compelling Ad copy

Your ad copy is meant to grab the attention of your target audience along with the creative image or video.

It basically should include a hook, story and your offer.

Keep in mind that search ads like Google/Bing are focused more on text than pictures or videos unless for their display ads.

The better your adcopy especially headline the more you attracts clicks and increase your click through rate – therefore lowering your budget.

3. Set a Budget and Bidding Strategy:

Determine your PPC budget based on your sales goals and allocate funds. It is deducted depends on whether your account is prepaid or postpaid.

Only postpaid accounts have luxury of spending before either threshold limit or payment due date.

To maximize visibility and clicks set a competitive bidding strategy but within your budget constraints.

4. Monitor and Optimize:

You can actually set a working campaign and allow auto-recommendation and the budget do its work for even up to a month without monitoring it – but you’re surely going to waste a lot of funds.

For best results – regularly monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns.

I personally analyze metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Add negative keywords by identifying underperforming keywords or ads and make necessary adjustments to optimize your campaigns for better results.

5. Remarketing:

Every heard the phrase “all the money is in the follow ups”?

Remarketing campaigns is what follow up is to any business owner.

The aim of remarketing campaigns is to target users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your ads.

And it works across all PPC campaigns including Facebook and Google ads so you can keep your brand in front of potential customers and increases the chances of converting them into sales.


For every $1 spent on PPC marketing such as Google ads, the the average business generates $2 in revenue.

You too can be one of such businesseses today.

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