10 ways to Set Yourself up for Success in your 20s

What are some things that you do to set yourself up for success?

Successful people are not successful because they have more energy, are disciplined or hardworking than the rest.

They make conscious habits that set themselves up for success. Even when they fail – they don’t take it personal.

What does setting yourself up for success mean?

It means putting yourself in a position and developing a mindset where you act in a way that keeps you moving forward and make success more guaranteed.

You don’t give up when things get tough, but keep pushing.

10 ways to set yourself up for Success

1: Have a Compelling vision

Get clear on what you want your life to be about.

Have a “WHY”.

Not having a compelling vision, not knowing your why, would make you feel purposeless and non-motivated.

Its the Rocket fuel to your growth and success in life.

2: Show up Daily

Going after your passion and doing what you love can give you limitless energy but don’t get stuck in the passion thing or waiting for motivation:

They both find you as long as you keep pushing.

If something is important to you and moves you closer to your goals or purpose then learn to do them regardless of how you feel.

In order words, focus on discipline over motivation.

“Ninety percent of success in life is just showing up.” ― Woody Allen.

When you are consistent you make your subconscious aware of how your goals are a priority to you. The universe also conspires to make it happen at your set time.

Think of the “Law of Slight Edge“ popularized by Jeff Olson.

Get in the habit of improving by 1%.

3: Make your Environment work for you

This is beyond the stay Organized and Focused mindset where you want to keep your work area organized and free from distractions:

When I read the One-Thing by Gary Keller and Atomic Habits by James clear, I understood why sometimes you gotta eliminate the need for the use of discipline by just setting your environment right.-

  • Do you want to have a healthier home? Stop buying and stocking junk in your house.
  • Want to be confident outside? Dress in the most comfortable way you feel makes you more confident.
  • Want to make writing effortless? Sit at the desk or position in your home that you know helps you write more.
  • Plus write at your most creative hours – e.g. if your creativity comes at evenings – write at evenings and only edit at mornings..

4: Develop the Right Habits

Having the right habits is the key to setting yourself up for success.

Habits are the actions we take repeatedly. They become unconscious with time.

If you can be conscious of your habits – then they start working for you. Start with little habits – they’ll lead to the big ones.

Say you invest 10% of your income every month – then overtime your money starts working for you and you start reaping the rewards.

One reason i classify them as “right habits” is because you don’t do them at the expense of your personal well being.

  • E.g. Cultivating Gratitude – starting your day with gratitude can make you start appreciating life more and seeing everything in a new way.
  • Practicing Self-care especially in your 20s: so you can accept, love yourself and prioritize your body and mind.

5: Surround yourself with the right people

I know friends that don’t build nothing and always have stories about other people to tell.

I also know friends that have little spare time because they’re always up to something and investing time and resources on themselves.

Who do you think push me forward whether unconsciously or on purpose?

When you surround yourself with people that take their success serious and I mean in a wholistic manner in terms of time, energy and wealth – it rubs off on you.

Make sure the people you surround yourself with are positive people.

Positive people will provide support and motivation, helping you stay focused on your goals.

6: Set Big and Realistic goals

One of the best ways to challenge yourself is to dream big.

Think of this, it takes the same effort to set big but realistic goals and small but unexciting goals.

You limit yourself every time you think small. Learn to set Big but Attainable Goals.

Setting goals that are too high can set you up for disappointment, while achievable goals will help keep you motivated.

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and create a plan to get there.

Start by getting clear on your long-term goals e.g. Think of what you want to accomplish in the next 10 ten years so it can be your Inspiration.

Then align your 6months – one year goal to those 10 year goals.

7: Take Massive action

Grant Cardone is known to have popularized this phrase.

He wrote a simple book then “10x Rule.”

Not based on theory or his imagination but a principle he’s been applying all through his career.

Today he’s worth several millions and helps a lot of people invest into real estate.

This principle is based on the fact that most people underestimate the effort and energy required to achieve success.

So rather than expecting an easy and soft life – make a decision to take massive action starting from today.

8: Stay Focused

First, you gotta eliminate your distractions.

Distractions are the biggest enemies of success as they suck up valuable time, energy and resources.

Stop doubting yourself by staying focused.

Jumping from one shiny object to the other is not going to set you up for success rather is a recipe to giving up easily.

Remember, for things to work, you gotta make ‘em work. Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

9: Don’t be afraid of failures

Most people think of quitting their businesses and startups in just 3-6 months after starting.

No wonder most startups don’t continue after a year.

I learned of Shana who ended up becoming the first solider to win the Miss USA after 6 different attempts.

After all the failures she thought of quitting and a mentor who believed in her told her “don’t quit, keep working.” That was all she needed to make the next attempt which she ended up succeeding.

One thing I learned from her is this “Do not fear failure but be terrified of regret.”

Setbacks are inevitable, but it’s important to persevere through them and not give up on your goals.

10: Find a Mentor

A mentor can help guide you and offer advice on how to achieve success.

The learning curve is shortened tremendously with the benefit of a mentor.

Personally I’ve benefited from several coaches and mentors in different fields.

Mentoring relationships have the potential to last a lifetime if they result in friendship.


I’ll end with a quote from my Coach friend, Michael Yeung on setting yourself up for success:

“If you’re unpredictable, easily distracted, emotional and mentally exhausted all the time… your growth will likely be sporadic, and eventually become unsustainable.

If you’re consistent, focused, intentional and mentally alert… your growth will likely be predictable, and eventually, compound over time.”`

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  1. These are such great tips not just for someone in there 20s. I think anyone struggling to find a clear path can benefit from it. Great tips!

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