Why is it important to surround yourself with positive people? 9 Benefits of surrounding yourself with Positive People

Do you surround yourself with positive, life-affirming people who want the best for you? Surround yourself with positive people who will support your dreams and goals.

In life it is important to be think positively, making effort to help others and live life according to principles that are positive and uplifting

The title explains how positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive people can lead to success.

Lets not forget, as a disclaimer, no matter how much you think or associate positively hope is not going to do nothing if you don’t put in the work.

Do you surround yourself with positive people, negative people or folks in between?

There’s a thin line between staying “neutral” around people and becoming toxic and negative to them.

This is part of the reason many people are trying to avoid “positivity” for reasons such as shying away from the truth, not being pragmatic and taking actionable steps.

I was feeling like a Champ that had studied the game and was giving the final verdict when I sent her those lines:

“I don’t think it’s going to work …I need you to zero your mind on this and take life easy.”

Instead she responded with complete positive mindset and attitude that changed my thinking and I followed up on her request the next day.

It taught me how sometimes if you don’t find positive people around you gotta be relentless and strong-hearted by yourself.

But 90% of the time – your environment matters more than your self-resilience and control.

Because the more you exercise such discipline and resilience without positive reinforcement from the environment you surround yourself with you may easily feel beat.

Why is it important to surround yourself with positive people?

Positivity opens your world beyond getting encouragement and cheers to abundance and possibilities.

I try to surround myself with a positive culture and environment daily.

For me it’s my parents, a few pastors I know personally, personas like Steve Harvey, Russell Brunson in his marketing, friends on Twitter like Dan GO, Ty and all writers here on NotePD and finally artists like Lecrae which I grew up listening to.

What’s funny is how some people appear positive outside – they’re hardworking and grinding daily – but getting close to them you find they only use work, certainty and “busyness” to distract themselves from their limited and restricted thinking.

10 benefits of surrounding yourself with positive people 

1: It rubs off on you

It only takes one or two really positive people in your life to make a big difference.

Their outlook and attitude can rub off on you and change the way you see things for the better.

Whatever energy you choose to surround yourself with whether consciously or unconsciously – rubs off on you.

Negativity breeds negativity

If you’re constantly surrounded by negative people, it can bring you down and make it harder to see the good in life.

So also with surrounding yourself with positive energy.

Positive attitude is Contagious – being around positive people can help improve your own mood and outlook.

As an advantage you’ll replace any negative thoughts with positive ones in order to keep yourself motivated to keep trying no matter what obstacles arise.

This would help you start believing in yourself even more plus many other benefits that reflects on you.

2: Positivity Breeds Success and Unlimited possibilities

Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with positive people can increase your chances for success.

Positive people are filled with abundance mindset and have a mindset filled with possibilities.

They inspire you to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Other ways to increase your possibilities include reading the right books, meditating, having proper fitness (diet and exercise) and building and maintaining a strong positive mindset.

3: Accelerated Growth

Successful people belong to several Masterminds and Coaching which the average person may never dream of.

This is part of the big reasons behind their success as they keep challenging and supporting each other to grow faster.

Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life … If you surround yourself with Negative People.

Positive people help you challenge your limiting beliefs which restricts growth and find light even where everywhere seem dark.

4: Discover your true self

Weeding out negative people leaves room for zero need for external validation.

This is part of the reason people these days pride online on how many people they’ve blocked recently on social media.

They just get used to saying goodbye to people who don’t bring a positive energy into their lives.

If you know the people around you won’t laugh off your dreams or would always suggest good ideas for you – don’t you think you’ll keep pushing for what you really care about even you’re around them.

5: Overcome challenges

Staying positive doesn’t mean that things will always turn out ok.

Rather, it is knowing that you will be ok no matter how things turn out.

When you surround yourself with people with this kind of mentality – you’re more prepared to win in life.

6: Become Comfortable

I belong to a few Facebook groups that are specific and targeted to a particular interest.

Most times people confess they finally feel at home for such a long time in their lives.

Imagine when nothing you say would be laughed off or people wondering which planet you come from.

They just found their tribe – which is positive energy for them.

7: Keep things in perspective

An exception to the previous point – is when the supposedly “people you can relate with” are not positive about their situation.

An example is when I developed Chronic neck pain. I was just in my Sophomore year in college. When I searched it online – I found there were already some “pain” groups online. But unfortunately none gave me the positive energy I wanted to know it was possible to get back to myself.

What I found in my inbox and on those groups were always depressing statements like:

“My life is a complete mess. A year ago everything was okay, but since then things have become terrible and I’ve lost everything. It hurts so much.”

Apologies to anyone that has benefited from any of those movements online.

I found more hope and positivity with Natural health groups and personal development groups that were more concerned with things we had control over like- Diets- Exercise- Mindset.

8: Increased Confidence

Most of us forget that the most successful people are confident because they’re choose their associations.

Plus allowing themselves to fail and try a lot of things and hence do more what they’re good at.

You need to put yourself in environments that see the value of process and progress over sticking to the norm.

Here’s Adele’s album titles19, 21, 25, 30 and still counting; reflect the age she was when she wrote them – rather than the age she was when they were released.

I can only imagine her album titles have remained consistent like this in a simple and powerful manner because she’s confident in herself and surrounded by a non-negative record and team from the start till date.

9: Transform other’s lives

Your words and actions you is impacting someone’s life in one way or the other.

A little positivity goes a long way.

Coaching is a good example as it represents a way of investing in other people’s lives and contributing positive change as a process for others. It even applies to your writing and content.

Here’s how Lilach Bullock puts it, when we say “Content is King:”

“What sort of a king is your content? In other words, how effective are the articles, blogs and social media updates you post?A good king or queen doesn’t hold power just for the sake of it – they do so to improve the lives of their people.

To have a positive impact. To make a difference.Does your content make a difference to the lives of anyone who reads it? Does it positively affect them? Or, like a bad king, are you simply going through the motions when you’re publishing new content, putting it out there simply so you’ve got something to show your subjects?

If you’re going to publish content, it has to be strong. If you’re going to leave an impression, it has to be a positive one. That’s what separates the good brands from the bad, or rather the good kings from the incompetent ones.”


Start the change within you as to how you want to see the difference in the world.

Start taking action and create the positive energy to ripple effect on people that surrounds you!

Let’s spread some positive vibes!

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