10 Productivity tips to help you become successful

You have every reason to be your most Productive and Successful Self. This is the secret to getting more results.

As in a race, when it comes to the time allocated in a day, everyone starts on the same footing. But after the blow of the whistle that signifies the start of the day, the story changes.

At the end of the day, some people finish on a high note while others lag. The difference is— Productivity. In how well these people used their time.

That is why simply being more productive may be all you need to reach greater heights and finish strong.

Here are 12 simple productivity tips to become successful.

1. Plan each day the night before 

Always plan and prioritize the tasks that need to be completed the next day, by writing them down… and plug them into mini-days so you don’t need to think about it in the morning.

Create a to-do-list before going to bed, because when you wake up you want to be DRIVEN, you need to know what you need to challenge first, before you can get out of bed. ⁣
If there is nothing to achieve, there is no zeal to get out of bed.⁣

2. Focus on one thing at a time.

Focus on one thing at a time – don’t multitask! Start one thing and complete it before moving to the next.

Multitasking gives you the illusion of being busy but in reality, nothing or very little is achieved.

Concentrating on one task helps you complete it in a shorter time and with more efficiency.

3. Take breaks.

When you focus on one thing at a time, you are doing deep work. Meaning a lot of mental energy is expended. That is why you need to take breaks at intervals to relax the brain.

Without taking breaks, their brain is exhausted, causing a big decline in their productivity levels.

20 minute walks can be life saving.  You can take breaks after every hour or when you are exhausted. Then come back and continue working.

4. Identify your most productive hours.

Everyone has that time when they are more productive, more creative, and more motivated.

It can be in the morning, just after lunch, in the evening, or deep in the night.

Find out when you’re most productive and devote those hours to work.

Choose one significant task to complete each day before adding another and focus solely on it. 

Whenever it is, find that time and utilize it to the maximum.

Are you most productive in the morning? 

  • Don’t look at your phone the first 2 hours in the morning
  • Tackle your most important task first when starting your work
  • Have a proper morning routine instead of jumping right into the work.

5. Do the Most important tasks first.

To do this, you have to know your priorities. What task would take you closer to the goals you want to reach? Identify it and do it first.

It may be the hardest task, but if it is the bulk of your goals, attend to it first.

6. Set time limits.

Dedicate specific time buckets to single tasks. In order not to spend too much time on a project, set a time limit for it.

How many hours do you plan to work on that project? 2 hours? 3 hours?

Set an alarm and work accordingly.

You work faster when you realize you have limited time to complete a project.

And seeing as you also have limited twenty-four hours, it helps you tackle other tasks before the day runs out.

Benefits of Deadlines to productivity 

Set deadlines, they always work (you can relate if you’ve ever finished something last minute because you simply had to?)

7. Plan for your distractions.

Schedule non-work related things between your tasks. Calling a family member, going for a walk, having a shower etc. These things help you to place a cognitive break between tasks making you feel less tired.

Do you enjoy sports and supporting your favorite teams?

I assure you can work and have fun at the same time. Don’t just do both at the same time.

When carrying out a task, everything outside that task is a distraction.

Your phone, your friends, your partner, unread emails, the internet, and social media.

They’re all distractions and should be avoided. But not for the whole day.

Aim for 4 hours of deep work a day.

There’s a time for everything– including those distractions.

Set a time aside for them. Just not when you are doing work.

8. Learn to say ‘No

You can’t avoid distractions if you don’t know how to say ‘no’ to them.

Let your friends and colleagues know when not to disturb you.

It’s not being rude but a matter of priority.

You can attend to that thing you said ‘no’ to at a convenient time– when you’ve completed your task.

Successful people have rules, principles and boundaries.

The guy who’s more productive & successful than you says “No” to many things you say “Yes” to.

9. Take care of your body.

To be productive, you have to show up every day and work on your goals.

That won’t happen if you are on a sickbed or burnt out.

This makes taking good care of your health and wellbeing paramount.

You do this by; for example eating healthy foods, exercising your body, sleeping well (At least for 6-8 hours a day) and observing good personal hygiene.

Focus on quality sleep and you’ll produce quality work.

10. Make a checklist to keep track of your progress

By reevaluating yourself, you know how well you are progressing.

It might be at the end of the day, week or month.

It shows you what works and what doesn’t.

You can take note of your weak points and find ways to turn them into strengths.

Keeping track of your progress serves as a motivation to keep moving on.

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing your efforts yield results. It makes you want to put in more effort.


11) Put in the work

There is no successful person on the planet who hasn’t put in enough significant and productive effort to achieve success in life.

You will not be able to achieve anything in life unless you work hard and persistently.

Should you work hard or smart. I love how Taylor Welch hit the nail on the head from this tweet:

“Work hard VS work smart” is a false dichotomy. People at the top do BOTH and you will never catch up to them by trying to be more “productive.”

In summary,

Being productive doesn’t mean working hard or working smart only.

Everyone seems busy throughout the day but only a few are productive.

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  1. Great list of tips for productivity! The one that stood out most to me was acknowledging your most productive hours. I am soooooo different than most people. I wake up and immediately drink coffee, grab my laptop, and get to work. This is the most creative and productive time for me! Thanks for the great read!

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