What to do when you don’t feel good?

We all have periods of not feeling our best. It’s difficult to feel good when you aren’t fully present, whether you are dealing with a bad day, anxiety, stress, or simply a lack of enthusiasm.

Are you feeling down or not good enough based on your mood or what people say?

How we feel at any moment is a direct reflection of our internal joy or satisfaction in life.

Don’t get it twisted, sometimes it all looks good externally but we alone know the pain we feel inside and tears we shed in private.

The goal is not to feel excited all the time but to maintain that sense of control and hope even when situations all seem blurry.

Remember, when you don’t feel good you don’t have to let it get all over you.

10 steps to feeling better when you don’t feel too good: 

1: Take the Pressure Off 

Sometimes when you don’t feel good, it’s helpful to take a break from whatever is causing you stress.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, and take some deep breaths. Close your eyes and focus on relaxing your whole body.

Whatever the situation is – you can only control how you react.

Be calm so you don’t make rash decisions or do things you end up regretting.

Take the pressure off yourself.

Take the pressure off others around you – don’t transfer aggression.

Replace the pressure if you are facing these kind of mood regularly with gratitude.

Start appreciating everything around you.

What we think about ourselves and our surrounding can matter a lot.

2: Be Present

So I’ve recently fallen into situations where I don’t feel good and i take decisions that in the end the receiving party tells me “you just jumped into conclusions.”

Its easy to cling to the past or let anxiety get over you when you don’t feel good.

Learn to be in the moment. See your situation not as it should be or had been but as it is. The present is all you got.

9/10 my reactions when I was feeling bad and hated it were based on my past encounters.

My defenses went up and I had allowed anxiety get the best of me.

3: Don’t spread negativity

Hurt people hurt people.

Gossip and joint hate would only spread the fire and generate new enemies so quit any attitude of spreading bad vibes or negativity. 

Instead approach life with a positive mindset and your subconscious which controls majority of your actions will not be filled with hate on others.

4: Do some Self-care

Treating yourself kindly can help boost your mood when you’re feeling down:

Do something that makes you happy, whether it’s taking a warm bath, going for a walk in nature, or eating your favorite healthy food.

The fact is if you’re not proactive about self-care when you don’t feel good – you’re going to slip completely and may even become TOXIC to yourself and others around you.

Naps are effective when you don’t overdo them.

You might just need a brief moment to calm your head which wakes you up refreshed. A nap can provide this opportunity and help you gain better insight of your situation.

5: Challenge Your Negative Thoughts:

It’s common to have negative thoughts and overthink when you’re feeling good. But instead of letting them control you, try to challenge them.

Ask yourself if there’s any evidence that supports your negative thinking.

6: Exercise

Of all the self-care habits – exercise is amongst the most crucial when you don’t feel good.

Realize that your mood is controlled by hormones.

Exercise boosts Endorphins the natural “feel good hormone”

The point is Fitness and nutrition affect how you feel in the other areas of your life!

When you don’t get your exercise in or let junk food food control you (next point) you immediately feel worse about yourself and how your life is going. 

7: Don’t allow Junk food control you 

What you eat has a profound effect on how well you manage stress (cortisol) and Serotonin which in a way regulates your mood.

Avoid indulging into Processed foods, meals and Junk foods as a coping mechanism.

This includes bingeing on Alcohol and you favourite treat food.

Raise the bar up on what you put in your body!

8: Sleep on It

The easiest way to not feel ’alright” is to be sleep-deprived.

When you don’t feel good – apart from naps, make the effort to go to bed earlier.

And as a way of suggesting to your subconscious – say something like a prayer while you mention the result you expect “I want a solution to this X problem.”

Its more possible you wake up with a clearer head to deal with the issues troubling you or wake up with a better mood than you ever expected.

9: Change your Environment

I had a friend that became so “cold” and withdrawn suddenly.

He was going through a lot of issues at work.

He found a way to take some weeks off and come back.

I couldn’t believe what happened. He was the one greeting people first. He became excited about the work again even better than before.

He found a way to tackle the issue that was paining him before he went away.

Changing his environment gave him a breath of fresh air which he could not find within that premises.

Feeling stressed? Here’s a useful tip from Coach Juan Carlos:

Whenever you feel yourself getting stressed, you can help yourself by moving out of the space that you are in.

Go into another room in the home, or the garden, grab a coffee outside the office or even take a quick stroll around a nearby park.

Moving takes you away from the environment where the stress arose and therefore makes it easier for the stress to diminish.

You can add to this by taking some deep and slow breaths – try the Square Breathing technique – breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four- and repeat a few times.

Just a few breaths will start to make a difference.

10: Play the long game

What problems are you thinking of now that wouldn’t matter in the next 5 years?

Then its not worth more than 5 minutes of your time.

Learn to read through situations and see how it could affect you in the next 3-5 years and react accordingly.

11: Bonus point: Talk to Someone Who Understands:

When you’re feeling low, talking to someone who understands can be really helpful.

Find somebody who has gone through something similar to what you’re experiencing, and talk to them about how they coped.


No one is exempted from this kind of feeling sometimes. Sometimes it is okay, to not feel okay.

It can even even comes when you’re taking the “right moves” e.g. taking uncomfortable actions and you find your old self kicking in and questioning whether it is the right choice or not.

Don’t allow it stop you from moving forward as its normal to feel this way while you’re experiencing true growth.

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  1. Good tips! Looks like I must work on no.7. Junk food became my bff when I’m feeling down. That’s why I always put on weight when I’m stressed. I know that’s bad for me.

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