10 ways to Accelerate your Personal growth and development

Why do people shy away from personal growth and development?

You can always choose to ignore your personal growth and say everything is in your nature.

Or you can take the more authentic and wholistic route to consider which adjustments in your life can help you to thrive and grow.

What are you doing today to fill your cup back up?

Don’t try to change the world without changing your inner self first.

10 ways to Accelerate your Personal Growth

1: Become Self aware

This is common sense but can be hard. There are so many people that are blind to their flaws and sometimes we think they’re deceiving others only to find out they’ve been deceiving themselves.

Being vulnerable takes the most guts. For example, become self-aware of your ego, or how it’s preventing your from getting ahead, self-sabotage habits or self-worth trouble .If you’re ever asking yourself…“

What’s stopping the growth in your life or business?

9/10 it’s the person in the mirror.

Make a habit of never ignoring any loophole you have.

2: Focus on the Big 3: Health, wealth and relationships

Starting out in your personal growth journey may seem overwhelming.

The key is to focus on the widely important.

Then the growth you used to look at as a luxury and something you wish to do someday would become a necessity and a breath of fresh air:

1) Health

What steps can you take daily to improve your health even on a busy schedule?

Start with improving your Diet and Exercising on a daily basis.

2) Wealth

It may be hard for you to think clear or focus, give your best at your job/ personal business, learning every day to improve your art, saving and investing to build long term wealth etc when you’re hungry.

If you’re broke, learn to use it as a motivation, instead of a setback.

3) Relationships

Prioritizing and investing into your emotional bank account with others and building your faith with God.

Note all three even the last cannot function effectively if you don’t make changes INSIDE-OUT.

3: Give Vulnerability a shot

When you find people that call you out and tell you where you need to improve – make a habit of paying attention.

The best part is you don’t have to take everything they say.

Vulnerability is the greatest act of courage.

The majority of people around you especially if you’re successful would be either people who don’t want to hurt your feelings or “Yes-men” who have their main hidden motivation of being around you.

It’s worse if you’re the angry type and pick people’s words and so they’ll resort to talking only behind your back.

So if you want to accelerate your personal growth – don’t ignore people that call you out when you make mistakes or fail no matter how hard it seems especially when you know they have some good intentions.

4: Love Yourself

No amount of money, drugs, weight loss journey, women, muscle you build, relationships you get into can make you whole if you don’t love yourself – rather they’ll hide the real you.

Each day make effort to love yourself by affirming and eliminating negative self-talk from your life and journey.

Healing childhood traumas and broken belief systems is hard but a must if you want to truly live a life of freedom.

No matter what change you seek you can never feel fulfilled if you don’t learn to love and accept yourself.

5: The impact of past experiences on personal growth

Our past experiences shape how we grow as people.

Consider how your past has made you who you are today.

By looking back on your past and understanding how you’ve grown as a person, you can learn to value your personal growth.

6: Be consistent in your personal growth

The tricky thing about growth is that it isn’t linear. You don’t always grow in a straight line, or proportionately. But you need to be consistent and do the work to notice the changes.

You don’t want to take one step forward and three steps backward. That’s how you remain in circles and never grow.

Make the decision to be consistent with your efforts towards personal growth.

Don’t do things you know are good for you only when you feel like.

Focus on Discipline over motivation.

Make your personal growth a priority.

7: Associate with the right people

Surround yourself with the right people. 

Move with people that have the same goals with you and value personal growth so it doesn’t feel like work and you don’t feel isolated.

This cannot be overemphasized.

Change your circle if you got friends that are envious and debase your personal growth.

8: Have a Growth mindset

Personal growth starts with a growth mindset.

If you dismiss the need for growth you stay stuck with a fixed mindset.

The objective of a growth mindset is to learn.

Real Growth begins where your comfort zone ends.

Not from running away and staying in your comfort zone

9: Align your Values to your Goals

I’ve seen even smart people that have found their way to the top yet have no solid values.

And honestly that’s a turn of.

They’re still willing if given the opportunity to do all manner of things ethical, moral or not to remain at the top.

How you make your decisions might seem like a quick thing and not something to really dive deep on but it is one of the most important things you can do for your personal growth.

Align your values to your goals so you don’t feel empty when you finally achieve those goals.

Concentrate on pursuing things that are aligned with your highest values.

Understanding that any mistakes you make along the road will serve as learning experience and a chance to develop personally.

10: Stop comparing yourself with others

Personal growth is a You Vs You journey.

Sometimes we get it complicated and make it hard for ourselves.

Fact is everyone you meet in life is moving at different pace – learning different lessons at different moments.

It’s a two-way street:

Never feel you’re too good enough for the people around you so you feel superior or look down on others and never feel you’re not enough by looking down on yourself.

Learn how to be kind to yourself by being patient with yourself and not comparing yourself to others.

11: Bonus point:  Why Gratitude is Essential for Personal Growth

Being grateful for even the smallest things can help remind us of just how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown.


Today is a great day to consider which changes in your life may allow you to renew, flourish and thrive in your personal growth and development journey.

“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.” ―Morihei Ueshiba

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  1. I’m loving your list. These are all great ideas, I’d also journal to keep track of what my blocks and energy were going towards. This post just brightened my day and made me grateful.

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