Why you need to build a solid work ethic?

How do you develop a solid work ethic?

A strong work ethic can lead to more opportunities, greater job satisfaction, and improved work-life balance.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from personal development authors like Brian Tracy is “building a solid work ethic.”

Sometimes you gotta be the first to come in and be amongst the last to leave.

While this not make sense if you’re working where you don’t feel appreciated or a job you hate.

The key is your work ethic doesn’t just apply to your 9-5 but everything you do to make a living.

Most of the successful people you know have as a secret – they can “sit in one place for hours” and “finish tasks.

What does a solid work mean?

A solid work ethic is having a healthy attitude towards what you do. It’s not doing more non-goal related tasks or adding more hours and getting burned out.

Neither is it craving “soft-work” without first putting in the work to build consistent habits, routines and systems.

10 reasons to develop a good work ethic

1: Personal growth

There is no secrets sauce to personal growth, all you need is an open mind that wants to learn, and a good work ethic!

Growth comes from getting better and overcoming challenges which gets easier with a solid-work ethic.

2: Stay focused on your goals

So many people are jumping from one business model to another – what we know as “shiny object syndrome.”

What they lack is Mental clarity and improved work ethic. By developing solid routines and habits, keeping up with your “why” and never giving up – your work ethic can help you stay focused on your goals.

3: The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done:

Doing a good job is its own reward and we want to sometimes take pride in your work.

This can serve to boost our Self-esteem and confidence. Note that if you’re someone who uses their work ethic and achievements as crutch or aid to seek affirmation then you set yourself up for getting trapped.

Where does good work ethic come from

A healthy dose of self-esteem and confidence can help you keep up with your self-respect and attract respect from others.

As a bonus to an intact work – even when you make mistakes it’s easier to learn from them and not to let them define you.

4: Develop the Right attitude to work

Many people today don’t have the right attitude to work – they feel entitled and want all the benefits.

While dealing with clients we forget it’s not just about “what you say” but “how you say it.”

Alex Hormozi has a lot of good stuff on this on his book – “$100m offers.” Our attitude can determine our results by showing our true motivation i.e. whose interest we have at heart – the client or just our pockets and our conviction (if we really believe in what we do).

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The right attitude can also help you outsource wisely – Focusing on where you bring the most value, delegate the rest to your team by coaching and empowering or just eliminating non-essentials.

All it takes is a winner attitude and committed decision.

5: Achieve your goals

If you want to succeed in any endeavour, you need to have a good work ethic.

Establishing and maintaining a strong work ethic can help improve your chances of success in any field.

You can achieve way more than you can imagine with a solid work ethic, and focus on the right stuff.

Nothing gives you more power than the ability to take full ownership of the goals you want to achieve and the person you want to become.

And if you’re optimizing for a healthy work-life balance – a solid work ethic can give you better results in your career or business and more quality time with family and friends.

6: Attract brighter minds

Hardwork attracts the brightest minds.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t achieved your goals yet or not – if you keep putting in consistent efforts and getting better at your craft eventually you’ll get noticed by smarter people.

All you need to do is to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to think bigger instead of playing ‘safe’.

7: Discover your true Passion

Until you learn to put in the work – you cannot get the full rewards of doing what you really like.

If you find yourself fading away whether emotionally or physically despite the results you’re achieving then it’s time to overhaul your thoughts and beliefs in your work ethic.

With time you get to focus more on what gives you life the most rather than what drains you.

You may need to work with a Coach/support to help you become more strategic, understand why you need to change, how to change, and sustain this change to grow and minimize burnout

8: Set you apart

Work ethic is a life hack to separate yourself from the crowd and ultimately set you apart from the competition.

Nothing can replace a good work ethic.⁣ It gives you room to invest in yourself and your business open yourself to opportunities that help you experience exponential growth and success which is key to standing out.

9: Make you a better leader

Want to be a better leader? The ability to influence is an essential leadership skill.

Walk the talk!

That’s the best way to help, empower and support! Through leading by example you earn the right to influence others and bring change where you want to.

Establishing and maintaining a strong work ethic can help improve your chances of influence and success in any field.

When you treat others respectfully and never ask another to do something you would be unwilling to do yourself, you are entitled to the respect of others — and they will freely give it.

Leading others means you must be willing to give far more of yourself than you would ever ask from them.

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