11 Tips to Making your Every Day Easier

What is something that would make your life easier?

Life is hard. No one has it all easy.

But some actions we take make our lives more difficult.

Sometimes this is good … e.g. Exercise, taking risks all pose difficulty but create more meaning and potential benefits to our lives afterwards.

And for those things we engage in that only add stress and worry to our lives.

11 Tips to make your life easier 

Here are some ideas to make everyday life easier:

1: Focus on yourself

If you’re trying to change the world then you should start by changing yourself.

Focusing on yourself is how you lead inside-out.

Like Covey would say, “private victory before public victory.”

The goal is not narcissism or hatred for others but laying the foundation for your growth and personal development which is key to making your life easier in the future.

Focus on both your identity and actions:

Your life will become 10x easier when you stop thinking and start taking actions.

2: Get Fit

Nutrition and daily exercise is the building block for a healthy body and mind.

If you’re entrepreneur remember that focusing on your health is also a business decision.

As only a healthy body and mind can be stretched to its full capacity. It doesn’t matter what diet you follow – if you focus on real foods you’re ahead of majority of the population.

Start with eliminating most refined oils and processed carbs.

3: Plan your week/day

We all need to set time to create and make plans that are in alignment and harmony to who we are.

It’s not enough to set big goals – Having a plan to make them happen would certainly make your life easier and help you achieve those goals.

Planning is something top-performers never miss but most people sleep on.

And is something I find essential to get to where I want to go.

Its as simple as planning each day from the night before.

If you can plan not just your day but your week from the previous weekend – then you can have a bird’s eye view of how you expect your week to look like.

4: Live below your means

Saving pennies won’t make you rich but being conscious and strategic about your spending habits would.

It doesn’t matter how much you earn – there’s always something you can spend on that is above your tier.

The easiest way to maintain your wealth effortlessly is to live below your means.

5: Invest in your Relationships and Network

The quality of your life most of the time depends on the quality of your relationships, so make it a priority to create the right ones.

If you chase people that don’t love you back you might end up thinking the world is a terrible place filled with people that don’t give any fuck.

The opposite is true when you invest in your family, personal relationships and high-value networks.

Every relationship has a potential to either build you up or tear you down.

6: Stop following the crowd

At some point you must choose to be a leader and not follow the crowd.

It’s time to start doing you more of what resonates with you than what you see others doing when you’re trying to make your life easier.

Following the crowd is stressful and least effective in bringing out the best version of yourself.

What’s more important than following the crowd?

  • Focusing on your mission
  • Being consistent
  • Take massive action
  • Track your progress
  • Keep improving & learning

7: Build Rock solid Routines and Habits

First things first focus on creating healthy habits.

Sometimes you life doesn’t get easier, your habits just get better. Set up systems and routines to make things run more smoothly.

Two mums had a plan to train their kids to stop bedwetting. One trained her baby to sit on a potty every morning at almost the same time every day while the other left everything to chance.

Guess who achieved success in the shortest time?

The mother who created routines and instilled habits in her baby.

Good habits today = easier life tomorrow

8: Do Hard things

This sounds counterintuitive.

Who wants to talk about doing hard things when we’re trying to make our life easier.

The idea of skipping every hard thing you can think of just to make your life easier is a myth.

First you must select your battles. Then go hard on them.

Nothing good comes without sacrifice, patience and enduring difficult things especially at the start.

Most things including writing consistently come with a steep learning curve.

It looks grim with your initial efforts but you notice light at the end of the tunnel.

Life gets easier when you get harder.

9: Stop arguing

Most arguments are a blatant waste of time.

There’s always a better means to communicate your thoughts and ideals.

E.g. Writing, giving Presentations.

There are people who are blinded by ego, resentment or hatred who no matter how much evidence is presented to them are not in the capacity to understand and all they want is to be right even if they are not.

When you argue – you’re more concerned about being right than communicating what you stand for which is not only backwards but says a lot about your self-esteem.

10: Learn the Power of Leverage

Whether its building a business or a brand, you can only go as far as you can handle; but with leveraging systems and others – you can 10x your reach and impact.

You only become wealthy when you’re able to leverage and upscale your value.

For example:

  • Building content organically
  • Making use of social media platforms
  • Using paid ads on your products and services: I sold to hundreds of customers on my first month running paid ads on my business compared to selling physically.
  • Joining Affiliate networks or allowing others become affiliates for you

All these go a long way to tell you building your business online or anything you do legitimately to make money online is the ultimate leverage of the 21st century.

11: Bonus Point: Learn to say no

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many commitments.

Learn to say no and simplify your life.

Say no more often, and don’t be afraid to set boundaries with others.


Life is easier when you’re more conscious of your choices, routines and lifestyle.

The lessons may be hard to learn but they can make your life much easier if you apply them.

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