10 Ways To Rejuvenate After A long Tiring Week

How do you use a weekend to rejuvenate, regenerate and boost your well-being?

For long I’ve always grinded on weekends largely because they were a “Rescue moment” for me:

– No boss

– No obligated studies

– No schedules I had to follow

I’m thankful for those periods – without such moments I wouldn’t have had any time to invest in my side hustles and writing as a hobby.

With time and intentionally crafting my lifestyle – I’ve moved from using weekends as Rescue moments to actually rest a little and more important – re-strategizing and planning for the next week amongst other things.

And today people wear their work like belts, work-related stress does not end when you leave the office. People take it home with them and suffer on weekends as well.

Give your body and mind the break it needs with these ten tips for recovery after a long, draining week:

10 things to do to Rejuvenate from a long and tiring week

1: Spend time with Family

Most of us are busy during the week and spend less time than we want to with our family.

It’s a mistake to only make time for our dreams and hustles and ignore our family even on weekends.

Instead of thinking – “I can either scale my business or have weekends fully off with family…” why not think – “I can scale my business AND create amazing memories with family every weekend?”

I used to have a date with my girl almost every weekend which we both enjoyed. The happiest homes from what I’ve observed and studied have at least a date night once a week.

This doesn’t have to be fancy or involve much spending and can create lasting memories. The key is the prioritizing and preventing any work related activity interrupt these moments.

Use these moments to know your partner or kids better and refresh your love life. You could even go visit one of your parents.

Or just reaching out to your parents or siblings if you’re single and know what they’re up to.

2: Grind on what you love to do

Most people have careers primarily to make ends meet and have no real connection to what they actually want from life.

You could invest your free time on what you love to do without the pressure of work or experiment on a new idea you have been thinking of.

Use your weekends to:-

  • Launch that new store
  • Test out that new design or them you thought of.
  • Write that blog post

3: Read a Good book

Reading is relaxing and it’s an investment to your mental health and wellbeing if you read a good one.

You kill two birds at the same time.

And besides only few people actually read long form content again daily – so why not prioritize this habit on a weekend to rejuvenate your brain?

4: See a Good Movie

If I have any recommendation – weekends are the fun moments I could give them a try.

I don’t usually have anytime to watch movies or TV even when I don’t have anything to do. They’re not just my thing.

But the thing with any habit you ignore is anytime you engage in them again – they usually come with that spark of joy.

Then i think to myself – Do I miss this activity? Did I learn anything new? Did any idea spark?

5: Reevaluate the Previous week

I recently had a hangout with some friends we all drank to stupor – i intoxicated myself with so much drink.

I don’t drink alcohol as a habit. Infact I had my first drink when I was above 25. I come from a family where sobriety has never been a challenge.

With such hangover, I almost missed my writing streak by just an hour saving grace. When I woke up the next day after a horrible day’s sleep – I thought to myself this was never how I planned to spend my weekend.

What are you doing right as you work on your business or career? And what are you doing wrong? What repetitive and monotonous activity are you still engaging in you plan to eliminate or delegate?

What are you supposed to do to improve on what you are doing wrong? What do you find doing so well beyond your expectations that you plan to double on?

6: Plan for the next week

I first implemented this after reading the “7 habits of highly effective people” by Steve Covey.

Before then I used to be big on the daily “to-dos” which worked some days and never worked on days I wasn’t motivated.

But with the weekly plan – you could plan for each day by taking note of your Roles and goals for the week.

This would help you have a “bird’s eye view” of how you want your week to be rather than the worm’s view which we only have access to when we focus on daily planning.

7: Hang out with Friends

If you have friends who understand you well – you can craft out time to spend with them and share fun moments and ideas.

I’m an introvert, have few friends so I don’t really do this most times. But there are people that actually enjoy spending time with their friends. If that’s you – use this as a way to rejuvenate and find a way to be a source of inspiration to them also.

8: Relax – Do nothing

Most Entrepreneurs thrive on having one thing planned out or the other every single day.

While this is a good habit and must have taken you where you are today – don’t forget to relax at times.

Learn to listen to your body. When you feel your body needs to do NOTHING – don’t deprive it of this need.

It’s in these moments – you reflect, show gratitude and actually generate new ideas you may never have thought of if you were always busy.

9: Take care of your body

Engage in some exercise in case you missed your workout plans during the week.

Have some “soul food.” I mean get some really nutritious food either home prepared or gotten from a local restaurant.

Eating healthy will give you more energy to get through your week. This is a total game changer and will help you avoid wasting your gains in terms of weight loss if you’re tracking or just working on improving your health.

The habit of smoking or drinking almost everyday and going out to bars and getting drunk every weekend is a recipe to destroy your body.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

I won’t forget a statement from a fitness coach:

“You can choose to take care of your body now, or try to regain it later (which is WAY harrder).”

10: Go For A Nature Walk

Enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature to rejuvenate your senses.

I used to do this all wrong in terms of connecting with nature – have all devices connected and even look for food while walking.

Now i disconnect from technology and don’t look for food whenever i take a walk.

Give yourself a break from screens and technology to relax your mind.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I’ve realised something while reading this post – I never take the time to evaluate how the previous week went. I think that’s a really good pointer. Great tips. And a timely reminder that family should be right up there and on our weekend priority list. Good read.

  2. I did all of the things this weekend except rhe nature walk part! It was nice to read your post mirroring my activities this weekend.

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